Art Escape


Art Escape run as part of The Welcoming programme, 2 times per week, from September 2013 to August 2014, with a week-long exhibition in July 2014, showcasing some of the amazing art created by Art Escape participants. 

Many thanks to all the women who took part in this project, Dagmar Schilling, the Art Escape tutor, for inspiring and supporting them, and Awards for All, for making this project a reality! 

To find out more about what Art Escape is doing after August 2014, you are welcome to visit the Art Escape blog . 


Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5pm to 8pm at Forest Centre Plus

A women’s art group project. Regular workshops, allowing members to come together and learn more about female artists, lives and techniques.The project will hopefully inspire, encourage and motivate participants, allowing them to present their own interpretations as if in dialogue with the original artist.

Art Escape is a project to enable women to use art to explore their identities giving them the opportunity to learn, advance, develop or gain new skills, improving their confidence and abilities. We will be using various mediums, sculptures, recycled materials, painting, photography,e.t.c

Check the Art Escape blog for more information and uploads of Art Escape art works!

If you wish to join Art Escape, please email Dagmar on

This project is funded by Awards For All Scotland. awards for all