David Carpenter

David Carpenter – ESOL Coordinator
[email protected]

Hi, I’m David Carpenter and I’m the ESOL Coordinator for The Welcoming. I’m here to make sure that all of the English classes run smoothly with the help of our talented and dedicated ESOL teachers. Coming to a new country can be challenging and stressful, so I want to make sure that your experience here is as enjoyable and useful as possible. Our classes are designed to help you integrate, so there is a lot of emphasis on working in pairs and groups and plenty of time within the class and the coffee break to make new friends, learn and relax.

I have lived in Edinburgh for most of my life and can safely say that the weather has been the biggest influence in my life; it reflects and hones my sunny disposition, feeds my wintery anger at the injustice of people being left out in the cold, while its great haars mirror my befuddlement as to how I became a grandfather when I’m so obviously too young. I write the occasional poem and have been known to do voiceovers. I love music and literature; the more obscure and difficult the better – my daughters and most of my friends think I can be a tad pretentious, but I know not what they mean…