Do you need support with applying for jobs?

Would you like to find out more about working for yourself and setting up a business in Edinburgh?

Leon, our Employability and Entrepreneurship advisor, is here to help!

Leon Dalton, Employability Tutor

Leon’s open workshops are on Monday from 3-5pm, and Fridays from 2-4pm. If you come along to the open workshops, please bring a copy of your CV, or a work history, in English.

To book an appointment please email [email protected] . Please advise him of your name, email address, phone number and the type of support you would like. Please always remember to bring your CV if you have one. If you don’t have a CV and would like help writing one, please bring with you a full work and education history in English. If possible, please also bring an example or two of a job you would like to apply for. This will allow Leon to help you tailor your CV to a specific job – always a much more successful strategy than a generic approach.

‘Thank you for all help you gave me to prepare a CV suitable for me. From the application to the interview all your advice was really helpful. Your professional advice allowed me to feel more confident with the interview having an idea of what I had to expect. Last thing, but not least, thank you for your fundamental positivity in the moments when I felt I couldn’t make it.’

‘From the very first day I met with Leon, I felt very welcomed. He has always helped me and encouraged me to get going with my business project. He is a very smart and committed person besides showing an infectious enthusiasm for what he does.’

‘In addition to being encouraging and supportive, Leon’s sense of duty, patience and diligence were remarkable, he answered my questions, helped me with my CV and made corrections to my grammar and teach me how to fill the job application. As soon as they offered to me ad interview we had a meeting to prepare it and he gave me a lot of useful tips. I wouldn’t make it without all the help I received from Leon.’

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