Friends of The Welcoming

The Welcoming is a membership organisation, and everyone is welcome to join!

Membership is free of charge, and the only limitations are the age of members (over 18 years old) and that employees of the organisation cannot be members. Your involvement is completely up to you, with the most important action, being exercising your right to vote for the members of our Management Committee at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

What does being a member mean?
  • A way to stay in touch with the project, through the Friends of The Welcoming newsletter, with regular updates on activities, invites to events e.t.c
  • Voting rights: taking part in the AGM and electing the Management Committee members (a team of volunteer members who manage, supervise & take important decisions about the project in monthly meetings throughout the year)
  • Being part of a support network, helping to build a strong multi-cultural community
  • Various opportunities to get involved with & contribute to The Welcoming’s work.
  • Any kind of support relevant to the member’s skills, needs & availability.
Who are the members of The Welcoming?
  • Past (and/or present) Welcoming students who want to keep in touch with the project
  • Members of the public who have an interest in the project & are looking to be involved in the local community but are unable to commit to a volunteer role on a regular basis
  • Other organisations, with a delegated individual to represent them, who share the vision of The Welcoming
  • Volunteers
  • Our membership is free of charge & inclusive to all. As mentioned above only limitations are the age and that employees cannot be members. If a member becomes an employee, he automatically ceases to be a member. You are free to cease being a member at any point you wish, by writing to us on

To become a Friend of The Welcoming, all you have to do is complete the membership form below (or click HERE to view the form on a separate tab)