Jogging Group

Beginners’ Jogging

Every Monday 6-7pm, meet at The Welcoming

On your first week come at 5:45pm to register.

It’s free, fun and friendly!

Here’s some information about what to expect:

Our beginners’ jogging group is suitable for anyone who can walk briskly for 30 minutes (‘briskly’ = just fast enough that your breathing gets a little faster and you feel a little warmer). We’ll start with just 30 seconds of jogging at a time, followed by a walking break to catch your breath. Over 10 weeks, you’ll gradually build up until you can run continuously for 15 minutes.

The sessions, led by trained Jog Leader Sue Gyford, are held once a week, and ideally you’ll go out and run one other day a week by yourself.

On your first night, we’ll meet at The Welcoming where you will fill out a short, confidential form about any health conditions you have, and Sue will talk us through what to expect, then we’ll go over to Saughton Park to get started!

Read about our first Welcoming Jog and we hope you’ll join us!