Music Teacher vacancy

The Welcoming Association has been awarded a grant from the University of Edinburgh to recruit a skilled and creative ‘sessional’ music teacher and arranger, for 6 months to run the Welcoming Choir.

The Music Teacher.    This person needs to be experienced in recruiting participants with different singing and musical abilities from Edinburgh’s Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to sing together as a multi-cultural and multi-national community choir   

Your Role will be to:

  • Choose a range of accessible songs they will sing that reflect and celebrate their cultures and their new home in Scotland,
  • Attract and recruit new members for the choir,
  • Deliver regular structured weekly choir rehearsals,  
  • Help arrange each chosen song’s respective musical arrangements to enhance each song and to compliment the singing capabilities of the choir,
  • Develop a rehearsal schedule towards ‘live’ choir performances for the official opening of Saughton Park in June 2020, the Refugee Festival 2020 and other cultural celebrations.
  • to showcase the talents and potential of community choirs.  

Your hours:  5 hours per week at a rate of £20.00 per hour over 25 weeks commencing 17th February until  31st August 2020.  This will consist of two hours rehearsals and 3 hours preparation each week. 

The Support to You:  As support, one person of the Welcoming team is a choir member and another does the ‘live’ sound engineering and events management for it.  There will also be the option to also recruit volunteers from the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh’s local communities.

Background:  The Welcoming has been awarded a grant from the University of Edinburgh to continue running their weekly Welcoming Choir with the plan to further expand its multi-cultural and multi-national membership and to reach out to a wider minority ethnic communities that could engage and benefit from it.  The choir, since September 2016 has enabled many participants to build their confidence, feel welcomed, valued and connected through the mutual love of music and singing together and make new friends.   It has also discovered and enabled new and talented singers and musicians to progress their interests and forge partnerships with other musicians and performers.

Building community links.  The choir will work to connect the choir participants to a range of music and creative arts activities and events that are run or facilitated by the Welcoming and other community partner organisations and also by the University of Edinburgh’s student organisations and bodies which could help them in their pursuit of music and singling for work or for pleasure.

Our Services:   The Welcoming has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in welcoming, working with and supporting a wide range of adult refugees, asylum seekers, black and minority ethnic and local Scottish communities across the City of Edinburgh with protected characteristics aged between 18 and 80 years of age through our services, classes, activities and event.

If you are interested in applying for this posts then please forward a CV, not more than 2 pages A4,  and short statement saying why you are interested, not more than 1 page A4 to: Jon Busby at the Welcoming Association on: [email protected]  

The Closing Date for CVs and statements is: 7th February 2020 at 5pm.