K314 Theatre group

The Kitchen Porters theatre workshop run from January to July 2014, culminating in 12 performances as part of the Just Festival in August 2014. To find out more about K314 ‘s future projects, you are welcome to visit their blog or their FB page

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***Ended in July 2014***A new & exciting theatre workshop is taking place every Friday, 11.00am to 1.00pm, led by K314 theatre group and supported by The Welcoming and The Forest Centre Plus.

If you wish to attend, please send us an email in advance on k314company@gmail.com.

This workshop is taking place at the Forest Centre Plus, 38 Castle Terrace, please check map for directions.

K314 theatre company, was born in Edinburgh in 2013. It was formed with the aim of preparing and developing scenic performances.The method that we are going to use in the workshop is mainly improvisation. We are going to focus on physical theatre and clown as a way to express who we are and laugh about our day to day. During the first two months we are going to make improvisation games in general using the junk jobs as the main subject. Then, if you enjoy the workshop and the job done, you have the chance to join us as a member of the cast for the play called “Kitchen Porters”.For more information, have a look at the blog and send an email to k314company@gmail.com if you wish to get involved.