Leon Dalton

Leon Dalton – Employability & Entrepreneurship Advisor
[email protected]

My name is Leon Dalton and I do the Employability, Entrepreneurship & Business advice for The Welcoming. What’s does that mean? Employability advice is helping people find work. This means I create and edit CV’s, create job interviews, help write application forms, help with job searches and offer sound careers advice to my customers. We have added an entrepreneurship part to my job so if you need help setting up a business, I can help.

I worked for 3.5 years in the Job Centre before eventually moving into Recruitment Consultancy for 4 years where I really learnt Employability in full. After moving to Edinburgh and graduating, I began working in charities helping people find work and offering sound career advice, like I do today. In total, I have over 8 years’ experience in Employability so if you need help come down and see me.