Our logo

The Welcoming logo and brand identity was designed in 2016 by Chris Armitage as part of a project for third year graphic design students at Edinburgh Napier University.

Welcoming staff, volunteers and participants were united in picking out Chris’ design from a range of ideas put forward by the class.  We love how the bright colours of the logo reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the Welcoming community and that the embracing shape of the ‘W’ conveys the warm welcome and support we aim to offer. Chris has also captured the connection between The Welcoming and the city of Edinburgh by placing the logo in key locations around the city. Watch the video below to see us all over town!

Fellow students Tom Cox and Denise Muzzini help Chris to develop his ideas in the later stage of the project, and both Chris and Tom have generously given their time to visit The Welcoming and help us to implement the new design.

Tom Cox and Chris Armitage
Tom and Chris in front of The Welcoming logo

The students’ work has been a great contribution to the organisation, helping us to articulate and communicate our values and aspirations. We reckon they have a brilliant future ahead! Check out their design portfolios:

Many thanks to Myrna MacLeod, Programme Leader and Peter Buwert, Graphic Design Lecturer on the BDes(Hons) Graphic Design programme at Edinburgh Napier University for facilitating the project.