Funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, ‘Welcoming a Greener Future’ aims to engage newcomers to Scotland with effective action to tackle climate change. There are three main aims of our project in 2018-20:

1. To continue supporting the growing Syrian refugee community in Edinburgh to adopt new habits in home energy efficiency and recycling.

2. To involve our wider migrant and refugee community in an exciting programme to encourage food growing in the Welcoming’s new allotment space and in participants’ homes.

3. To embed climate literacy activities within our Welcoming social integration programme, ensuring that tackling climate change is seen as a key aspect of building new lives in Scotland.

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* Home Energy and Recycling

* Food Growing

* Community Events, Outings and Swap Shops

* Workshops and Climate Literacy

* Social Enterprise

* Volunteering Opportunities

* Previous Welcoming CCF projects

Read the press release for our 2018-2020 project here.