Welcoming a Warmer Home

Welcoming a Warmer Home explores what makes a house a home and what we need to be comfortable and cosy in a new environment.

Welcoming a Warmer Home flyer

The project hosts creative workshops and events to explore and share experiences of home and settling down. We also provide free & practical advice to keep cosy and comfortable at home without spending a fortune.   If you’re new to Scotland, it can be difficult to understand the local heating systems and choice of energy suppliers. Adapting to the local climate is another challenge! The Welcoming is here to help. Consult our friendly home energy advisers in the Welcoming office, or arrange for a home visit for more detailed advice and practical support.     We can help you to:

  • understand how your heating system works
  • manage your home energy efficiently
  • make sense of your home energy bills
  • communicate with your energy supplier and/or change your energy supplier
  • find the best energy tariffs
  • install draught proofing measures
  • contact other organisations that can help you with home energy saving and fuel debt assistance
  • save money on bills

Please contact us to arrange your visit or call in to the Welcoming office to discuss. You can phone Victoria directly on 0753 895 3615 To find out about our upcoming events and workshops, follow us on Facebook

Many thanks to the Scottish Power Energy People’s Trust for funding this project.

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