As part of our workshops we offer monthly:

* Home energy efficiency, reusing and recycling workshops to raise awareness about these issues and recruit people for home energy visits.

* Food waste workshops covering topics such as: the problem with food, easy steps to a healthy low CO2 diet, buying less, cooking skills, labelling and bulk buying.

* Cookery classes to increase use of local and seasonal produce. This will also include learning opportunities to encourage less eating of processed foods, avoiding packaging and demonstrate ways to use more seasonal and local plant based foods in their diets.#

Climate Literacy

We aim to support up to 300 migrants and refugees to improve their climate literacy by engaging them with climate change discussions and learning activities within our English language classes. We do this by:

* Integrating climate change terminology, symbols, and topics into our English language classes and Conversation cafes, home energy visits, workshops and community events.

* Encouraging and supporting Welcoming teachers to use our bank of English language teaching material and resources relating to climate change.

* Run a monthly focus group to appraise the project and discuss climate change issues.

* Encourage and support our project participants to attend carbon literacy workshops run by KSB, CEMVO and other agencies