Jill Stevens – Communications Coordinator (Scottish)

Jill is a communications professional with experience in the third sector and higher education sector. She is a multimedia journalism graduate and has previously held communication roles at the University of Edinburgh, the Church of Scotland, Interfaith Scotland, and the Mental Health Foundation.

Her role at The Welcoming Association involves managing the organisation’s internal and external communication processes, strategies and channels; raising the public profile of the organisation; leading on social and digital marketing projects; and supporting the communication needs of the team.

Jill is a member of the International Women’s Day Edinburgh collective and is trained as a volunteer youth worker with LGBT Youth Scotland. She previously worked as the Women’s Officer at Glasgow Caledonian University and is an advocate for women’s rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, and mental health awareness.

Jill has recently returned to working part-time at Interfaith Scotland as the Communications and Marketing Officer, which she manages alongside her role at The Welcoming Association.

Contact Jill

Email: [email protected]