The food system is one of the key contributors to climate change. Through the Welcoming a Greener Future project, we support New Scots to reduce the environmental impact of their eating habits.

Cooking Sessions and community Meals

Whether it is learning recipes with seasonal and local food or reducing food waste, cooking is a great skill to allow you to reduce the environmental impact of your kitchen. We organise cooking demonstrations, cooking workshops and community meals to bring people together under the topic of food.

To join our cooking activities, keep updated with our programme of workshops and events through Facebook and WhatsApp.

Home Food Growing

Are you interested in growing you own herbs, fruit and vegetables? Weather you have an outdoor green space or just a south facing windowsill, we can help you learn about local and seasonal food and give advice and guidance to start your own food growing garden at home.

Our package of support includes:

  • Basic set of gardening tools
  • Set of compost, seeds and plants
  • Food growing guidance and advice on how to get started
  • Sow and Harvest Calendar
  • Access to Green Skills workshops

If you are interested, please contact [email protected]

Green skills workshops

To enable Welcoming’s member to grow food at home we run regular green skills workshops.

If you want to join our Home Food Growing programme, please contact [email protected]

Community Demonstration Garden

Our Community Demonstration Garden offers a space for participants and volunteers to learn about food growing, share green skills and food traditions from their home country, while spending quality time outside in nature.