Do you find it hard to stay warm at home? Are you worried about the cost of your home energy?

We offer home energy and recycling support as part of the Welcoming a Greener Future programme.

Home energy and recycling support visits

Through our home energy visits we offer the following:

Home energy saving tips

  • home energy efficiency tips to lower fuel bills and save money
  • tips on how best to manage heating systems, lighting and hot water usage
  • help to obtain LED light bulbs

Dealing with energy suppliers

  • support to deal with energy suppliers to reduce fuel bills
  • help to find a cheaper energy supplier
  • review energy contracts and get a cheaper tariff
  • help and advice with bills (e.g. estimated bill, submitting meter readings)
  • set up an online account with the energy company
  • support to switch from prepayment meter to credit meter or smart meter
  • change bill payment method

Access to financial support

  • access to financial help with energy debt (e.g. from British Gas Trust)
  • check eligibility for energy efficiency measures (e.g. a new boiler, wall insulation)
  • check eligibility for the Warm Home Discount (£140 annually)
  • renewable energy advice

Recycling support

  • provide information on recycling, re-newing and re-using
  • order recycling bins and/or report a full or overflowing bin

Contact us

If you have a question about our home energy and recycling support, please get in touch with our Welcoming a Greener Future Senior Programme Coordinator via email: