Welcoming Friendship – Annual Report year 2 (Media Education)

This short film gives an overview of year 2 of our Welcoming Friendship programme. Welcoming Friendship is a befriending programme, funded by the Big Lottery.

Home from Home – Understanding Gas & Electricity Bills (Written in Film)

This short film gives a brief introduction to help you understand your new heating systems in your Edinburgh home. This will help you get to grips with how to set up your new home energy accounts.

To view this film with Polish subtitles, please use this link.

Home from Home – Council Tax & Recycling (Written in Film)

This short film gives a brief introduction to help you understand your council tax and recycling systems in your new Edinburgh home.

To view this film with Polish subtitles, please use this link.

Welcoming a Greener Future – Energy Saving Tips (Lawrence Hussein & Abeer Darwish)

This fun and informative film gives some useful tips to help you save energy in the home and shows how making small changes to do your daily habits can help tackle climate change. This film is part of the CCF funded Welcoming a Greener Future project.

Welcoming a Greener Future 2017/18 (Lawrence Hussein & Abeer Darwish)

Our project for 17-18 focuses on supporting the newly arrived Syrian refugee community in Edinburgh to live comfortably and affordably in their new homes and to contribute to tackling climate change in Scotland. This short film shows some highlights from the CCF funded project.

Syrian Voices (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

Syrian Voices is a short film which gives three refugee families the space to reflect on their experience of living in Edinburgh. It is being screened for discussion at community events across the city and beyond during 2017-18. Requests for screenings are welcome.  Find out more on our Syrian Voices page.

Syrian Burns Supper (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

In February 2017 The Faculty of Advocates hosted a Burns Supper for Edinburgh’s Syrian Refugee Community at The Grassmarket Community Project. This short film showcases some highlights from a fantastic evening of Scottish and Syrian Culture.

Re-style Fashion show – March 2016 (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

On Saturday 26th March 2016 we organised the Re-style Fashion Show event to celebrate one year of Welcoming A Greener Future initiatives as well as showcase the unique pieces created by the participants of the ‘Learn to Sew’ upcycling textile class from January to March 2016.

Humza Yousaf’s visit to The Welcoming Association (Scottish Government, March 2016)

Welcoming a Greener Future Year 1 (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

In 2015 we launched our first Welcoming a Greener Future project centred on climate change. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness about climate change issues and reduce carbon emissions within the migrant and refugee communities living in Edinburgh. This video is a taste of what we achieved in Year 1, through our classes, workshops and events.

Re-use & Re-cycling Fair, November 2015 (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film

Fan & Paper workshops in collaboration with Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) (Trina McKendrick, Writtenin Film)

Welcoming A Greener Future Party Night 2015 (Go Promoter, Jamie Forrester 2015)

A short clip showcasing our 17th of October event, a celebration of the project and the people involved

Welcoming A Greener Future I Renewal (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

In this short film, we introduce some of the project’s activities focused around waste & the ideas and practices of recycling & reusing materials.

Kitchen Porters (Trina Mckendrick, Written in Film)

A short documentary about the story of Adrian & Guillermo and their K314 production of the show Kitchen Porters.

Red Red Rose (2009)

A Long Way From Home (2008)

Ikaze is an Edinburgh refugee-led and refugee-constituted arts and theatre organisation with a strong black African membership. It has been working throughout Scotland with schools and communities on human rights, health and poverty issues since 2001.

Welcoming Edinburgh (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

Welcoming People (Trina McKendrick, Written in Film)

Students talk about Edinburgh, Scotland and The Welcoming.

Welcoming Ceilidh (Trina Mckendrick, Written in Film)

March 2011 – The Welcoming Ceilidh was a huge success. Thanks to all! In this clip, Jewish Wedding dance played by Gica and son.