Jogging Group


What difference did we make?

Our participants told us:

96% feel they have improved their English language skills

92% feel they have gained new knowledge and skills

93% feel they have improved their confidence

92% feel they have met more people and made friends

58% feel they have improved their chances of finding a job.

Our participants also told us:

  • ‘The Welcoming makes lots of differences for me as it’s a great opportunity to make new friends and improve my English.’


  • ‘I think Welcoming doesn’t only give classes, they work hard to make that people feel better and comfortable in their new life in Edinburgh.


  • ‘Since I started coming to the Welcoming, I progressed with English and I had 3 interviews for jobs in English and tomorrow I’ll start to work!’


  • ‘The Welcoming is very important for me, very useful. Make me feel life easier. I feel better.’


  • ‘From the beginning, both teachers and students have welcomed me warmly and I have been able to improve and practise my English in an incredible environment. Thank you!’


  • ‘Thanks to the Welcoming I have new course and volunteering and I feel better. When I came here for first time I was afraid when I speak English.’


  • ‘I think that it is a very important starting point to settle and start a new life. I thought that was just English classes but it is much more. It helped me finding new friends and feeling like being at home. Thank you very much!’


  • ‘The Welcoming is very important for the resident in a new country. Open us the door, I’m very glad, it’s very important.’


  • ‘Thanks to The Welcoming, foreign people are like a resource and not a problem like in other countries.’


  • ‘The Welcoming is my guiding star here in Edinburgh’