We offer a lively programme of classes and activities to help participants connect with the local know-how, skills and friendships needed for new lives in Edinburgh. This runs over 50 weeks of the year with almost all activities available on a free of charge, drop in basis. Our programme for 17-18 included:

  • 830 English Classes, all levels from Complete Beginners to Advanced

Feedback from participants about the impact of our activities:

  • ‘I learned a new skill and got new friends. I got new perceptions and could spend time with people from different backgrounds and cultures.’
  • ‘I could not imagine how my life would be if there was no Welcoming. It’s a place to allow me to try all kinds of new things. I really appreciate! Thank you so much, the Welcoming!’
  • ‘I will be always grateful for all the experiences and people you brought to my life. They were more and better than any I’ve ever thought and no money in the world can do that.’
  • ‘Through the (Welcoming’s) activities my curiosity has been stimulated and I have new interests.’
  • ‘These activities make me feel like to live here, not to be for a moment. Makes me feel like I am having a life here. Because I think for many people living here can be a kind of issue in their life, but coming here and knowing people makes you feel like part of the city, part of a group, part of a community.’

Posters for some of our special workshops and opportunities throughout the year:


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