Being creative together is a great way to make connections and discover new possibilities. In this section we share a selection of beautiful things created at the Welcoming over the last year.

Lines of washing

A poem created by Syrian women and international volunteers at the Welcoming Wednesday group, May 2018. Special thanks to Esa Aldighieri who facilitated the session and brought the words together. 

The Welcoming is …

Co-created by participants in Welcoming English classes. Special thanks to ESOL volunteer Angie Toppan who made it all happen.

The Welcoming is …

  • a friendly Tower of Babel
  • a place where you can make friends with people from around the world.
  • a big box where we put our experiences
  • a refuge where the door is always open
  • cool
  • a second home
  • a cafe where we meet new friends
  • a hot pot with a lot of tasty ingredients from different countries
  • a big English/learning family
  • a new world to be discovered
  • a rainbow in the rain
  • a warm jacket on a cold day
  • a spring in the desert
  • summer in winter
  • a hug
  • something sweet when you feel bitter
  • a shelter that takes care of everyone, no matter where they come from
  • an enormous feast. You can’t possibly try everything, but you want to!
  • an inspiring, colourful patchwork quilt made by many people
  • a house we build together
  • the family that you choose
  • a state without borders
  • makes the world a little nicer
  • makes us a little nicer
  • a walking stick on a long hike
  • a light when you meet darkness
  • helps us to start a new journey


Welcoming Films

Welcoming Friendship – Annual Report year 2 (Media Education)

This short film gives an overview of year 2 of our Welcoming Friendship programme. Welcoming Friendship is a befriending programme, funded by the Big Lottery.


Home from Home – Understanding Gas & Electricity Bills (Written in Film)

This short film gives a brief introduction to help you understand your new heating systems in your Edinburgh home. This will help you get to grips with how to set up your new home energy accounts.

To view this film with Polish subtitles, please use this link.

Home from Home – Council Tax & Recycling (Written in Film)

This short film gives a brief introduction to help you understand your council tax and recycling systems in your new Edinburgh home.

To view this film with Polish subtitles, please use this link.

Welcoming a Greener Future – Energy Saving Tips (Lawrence Hussein & Abeer Darwish)

This fun and informative film gives some useful tips to help you save energy in the home and shows how making small changes to do your daily habits can help tackle climate change. This film is part of the CCF funded Welcoming a Greener Future project.

Welcoming a Greener Future 2017/18 (Lawrence Hussein & Abeer Darwish)

Our project for 17-18 focuses on supporting the newly arrived Syrian refugee community in Edinburgh to live comfortably and affordably in their new homes and to contribute to tackling climate change in Scotland. This short film shows some highlights from the CCF funded project.


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