The second in our participants blog series, Your Edinburgh, comes from Ivanka. She first discovered Dr Neil’s Garden after her brother found it by chance, and it has become a favourite haunt in Edinburgh! If you have your own favourite place in Edinburgh which you would like to share with us, please email [email protected]

Мy brother showed me this mysterious place, and he discovered it by chance.

If you accidentally pass through Old Church Lane, you would never guess what a fabulous place, filled with life is behind these walls.  Dr Neil’s Garden lying between Arthur’s Seat  and Duddingston Loch. Once in the garden, you definitely lose a sense of time. You want to sit on each bench, to pay attention to every plant… seeing this beauty you understand how much cares it costs. Thank you so much Drs Nancy & Andrew Neil! In fact, if I have to be honest, I’m happy that this place is not very popular.  I’m glad that Arthur’s Seat is soaring there and it stops the flow of numerous tourists to preserve the silence, privacy and comfort of this paradise garden. If you want to clear your mind,if you are looking for inspiration or you want just listening to the song of the birds, you are welcome in absolutely detoxifying Dr Neil’s Garden.

Your Edinburgh: Dr Neil’s Garden
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