Visit the Community Fridge

Open to all members of The Welcoming. Drop into The Welcoming to access our Community Fridge and take home good quality food for free!

Date and time: Every Thursday (10am-12pm)

Location: First floor, The Welcoming, 20/1 Westfield Avenue, Edinburgh, EH11 2TT

What is a Community Fridge?

A community fridge is a fridge located in a public, accessible space filled with donated food, freely available to anyone who wants it.

The surplus food in our fridge is provided by Fareshare, local supermarkets and allotments, and is available for collection. These fridges work on an honesty basis where people can pick up what they need for free.

Did you know 1/3 of the world’s food is wasted, 60% of which is suitable for edible consumption?

A community fridge helps provide extra food to the community, reduces food waste but also enhances a community’s culture of sharing food, recipes and support.

Community Fridge Network

We are delighted to be part of The Community Fridge Network, helping to divert good food from landfill across the UK.

Sustainable Garden

Our Sustainable Garden is located at Saughton Mains Allotments.

The food harvested from the garden is shared among our community through the Community Fridge.

The garden offers a space where our participants and volunteers can learn about food growing, share green skills and food traditions from their home countries, while spending time in nature. 

Welcoming a Greener Future

The Community Fridge is a legacy of our Welcoming a Greener Future project which ran from 2015 to 2022. Through the project, we engaged over 2,500 New Scots in Edinburgh in action to tackle climate change.