Friendship activities

Our Befriending programme holds the Befriending Networks Quality in Befriending Award.

We understand that friendship comes in many forms. Every activity you take part in at The Welcoming is a chance to meet new people and make friends.

Our programme is free and for adults (over 18s).

Current activities

Conversation Café

The Conversation Cafe is a drop-in group for refugees and migrants in Edinburgh to practise English and make friends.

One-to-one befriending

We connect refugees and migrants in Edinburgh with local people to build friendships.

Scotland For Newcomers

Scotland For Newcomers is a free weekly outing for refugees and migrants in Edinburgh. The group meets on Saturdays and explores the city together.

Women’s Conversation Space

The Women's Conversation Space is a relaxed group for refugee and migrant women in Edinburgh to make friends and practise English.