Welcoming participant, Diana, recently shared some feedback about the support she received from Leon whilst looking for a new job. She has started a new accountancy job which she says she wouldn’t have been able to get, if it wasn’t for his support and advice! If you would like to come and see Leon, you can attend his workshops which are on Monday (3-5) and Fridays (2-4) or you can email him to arrange an appointment to chat through your CV, job applications or practice your interview skills.

“I am really delighted to write few words about Leon. I have met him at the Welcoming and he successfully supported me with a job application process for my dream job in Accounting. At that time, I was working as a Hotel Room Attendant because I did not think that my English was so good to keep on working in Accounting (I am Italian). Well, he was so good at careers and employability that I am going to start a job in Accounting in two weeks time for Sky! We recreated my CV into a new format and with new strong words then we went through the interview process in detail over a few meetings. Never has advice been so welcome to me! This is the reason why I very recommend him to anyone who needs help in building a solid career.”


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