Welcoming participant and Your Edinburgh contributor, Gema, has written a short piece about how Leon helped her in her search for a job in Edinburgh, and ultimately assisted her in getting her dream job! If you are looking for support with your CV, job applications and interview practice, you can contact Leon by email at [email protected] or you can come to his workshops. At present his workshop is taking place on a Saturday from 1-3pm, and he is able to take appointments on Saturdays from 10am-1pm. 

Today I would like to talk about another essential service that The Welcoming offers: “Employment and Business Guidance”. Run by the energetic Leon, I can say that it changed my life here, helping me to get the job I wanted.

In tune with The Welcoming philosophy, Leon is a committed and enthusiastic person, and he will do everything that is in his power to help you. He has assisted me filling long, boring job applications, he has reviewed my CV several times, he has guided me about where to apply for jobs. All of this in a relaxed and cordial way. Every time I went to his sessions it was like meeting a friend, and there were always laughs involved. But without missing our objective. He is serious with his work, but very funny with the people he is assessing and he will reassure you and give you hope.

The icing of the cake was his preparation for my job interview. We made a play role and I felt like Karate Kid as he was shooting possible questions at me and correcting me all the time: “Don’t do this”, “Don’t do that” “Let’s start again”… He was demanding and perfectionist and wouldn’t miss any mistake. I must admit that that day I left feeling a bit depressed, but later at home I practised again following all the advice he had given me and when the next day I went to the interview I felt much more self-confident. It was the best interview I have ever done and I got the job I thought I would never get! It sounds like an American advert, but it is absolutely true. He asked me to tell him how the interview was, and when I finally had the good news he was the person I felt happier to tell, so grateful I was to him. He was genuinely happy as well, and he kept giving me some advice for my new job, and wanted to make sure that if I ever needed more help, he was there.

So if you are searching for a job or need some advice related to that, you can count on him with no doubt at all. You’ll be happy to have asked him for advice.

Once more thanks a lot, Leon

Your Edinburgh – Employability Support
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