"We all respect each other"

We want everyone in The Welcoming community to have a positive and safe experience. This is why we ask members to agree to follow this code of conduct.

When and where does this apply

The code of conduct applies when a member is interacting with anyone in The Welcoming community. This includes other members, volunteers and staff.

The code of conduct applies when a member is interacting in-person or online. This includes Zoom, social media and WhatsApp.

What we expect from members

We expect members to:

  • Be friendly and kind with everyone
  • Be respectful of individual differences. Including race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, age, nationality and identity.

Reporting an incident

We take all reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination seriously.

If you become aware of anyone breaking this code of conduct, please contact us.

If you want to speak to a specific staff member, you can find our email addresses on the Staff team page.

WhatsApp groups: Code of Conduct for members

By joining a WhatsApp group managed by The Welcoming, you agree to:

  • Be kind and respectful with everyone.
  • Not share anything inappropriate or offensive. Or not in line with The Welcoming’s values.
  • Not share the contact details of anyone within the group without their consent.

What happens if you break the code of conduct?

You will have the chance to discuss what happened with a member of staff.

We may remove you from the WhatsApp group if you break these rules.

If you know someone has broken this code of conduct, please contact us.