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Please note: Our services are for New Scots who live in Edinburgh. We do not provide our services to people on holiday in Scotland or who do not live in Edinburgh.

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We ask you to register because it is important that we have accurate records of our members and the impact of our work.

Informs changes to our services

Accurate records allow us to make informed decisions about our work and better adapt our services to the needs of our members.

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Accurate records are also necessary to keep our courses and activities accessible for all our members.

We use these records to supply evidence of the impact of our work when we apply for funding. This evidence makes our funding applications more likely to be successful.

Please note: We never share your personal details with third parties. This means that any details that could identify you as an individual is removed before information is shared.

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If you are unsure about filling in the registration form, or you have a question about privacy, then please email us at [email protected] and we can have a chat about it.

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