Our Mission
We support migrants and refugees to build new lives in Edinburgh.

Our Vision
Around 10,000 foreign nationals come to live in Edinburgh every year. We want them all to be welcomed and provided with the support they need in order to realise their economic and social potential, and become active members of our community. Through this, Edinburgh and Scotland, can unlock the talents they bring, expand our economy, enrich our cultural capital and become a welcoming new home.

Our Values
Equality, Diversity, Respect, Integrity, Accessibility, Innovation, Sustainability, Unity and Welcoming.

Objectives 2016/17

We will:

  • Provide migrants and refugees with a range of high quality services to help them build new lives in Edinburgh and integrate into their local communities
  • Offer meaningful opportunities for local people to welcome and support newcomers
  • Form effective partnerships with other organisations seeking to support newcomers
  • Secure more diverse and sustainable sources of funding
  • Develop an effective organisation which operates with integrity, ensures quality and efficiency, enables participation and learning, and supports its staff and volunteers.

Staff members (as at 30 September 2017)

  • Jon Busby – Director
  • Elaine Mowat – Deputy Director
  • David Carpenter – ESOL Coordinator
  • Leon Dalton – Employability and Entrepreneurship Coordinator
  • Adil Ibrahim – Senior Community Development Practitioner
  • Victoria Lanata Briones – Project Coordinator / Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Chiara Puppi – Project Coordinator
  • Caitlin Rodgers – Befriending Coordinator
  • Lucy Theaker – Administrator
  • Alan Tolmie – Cleaner / Caretaker / Artist
  • David Walton – ESOL Tutor / Cultural Learning and Integration Tutor

Board members (as at 30 September 2017)

  • Ana Valeria Luciani (Chair)
  • Daniel Prince (Vice Chair)
  • Mark Keane (Treasurer)
  • Amadu Khan
  • Carolyn Mance
  • Ali McDonald
  • David Nash
  • Keith Watson

Also serving during 16/17:

  • Marita Fernandez
  • David Thompson

Find out more at www.thewelcoming.org

Infographic summary of our work 16/17: