Support us in building a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone can achieve their potential

All donations, even the smallest contributions, have a positive effect on our work and help us to keep going.

Your donation is also an act of welcoming kindness. Help us to challenge intolerance, celebrate diversity and respect, and make Edinburgh a welcoming new home for everyone who comes to live here.

Our mission

We welcome New Scots to Edinburgh, build community and learn together by:

  • supporting newcomers to learn English, find jobs and access local services
  • offering opportunities for friendship, sustainable living, creativity, health and well-being
  • connecting locals and newcomers through social and cultural exchange
  • collaborating with others to share knowledge and influence positive change 

Our impact

Welcoming Class

From April 2019 to March 2020, we supported 1500 service user from over 80 nationalities, and received around 125 new registrations each month.

We provided newcomers with 750 English classes, 78 women’s group meetings, 92 conversation cafes, 45 community lunches, and 54 health and wellbeing sessions. We had 792 attendances to our conversation café, 50 individuals supported through our befriending programme and 45 outings for Scotland newcomers.

Our employability and business guidance support was accessed by 205 people. We provided 60 households with home energy advice and 26 households got involved in our home food growing.

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