We think The Welcoming is very much like Edinburgh: diverse, fun, full of things to do and with a great view! Both also have new people constantly arriving, and that can be both exciting and confusing.

Because of this, we’ve launched our Welcome to Edinburgh sessions, especially designed for the “newest of the newcomers.” They’ll help you understand who is who, what is what and where to go both at The Welcoming and Edinburgh.

You’ll also get a chance to meet other new people, our staff team and connect to something bigger -Edinburgh awaits!

The sessions are held the first Tuesday of the month, 12-2pm on the 5th floor. We will provide refreshments and a light lunch, so please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. The next one is Tuesday 7th of November -come and join us!

For more info email [email protected], pop by the office or give us a ring!


Welcome to Edinburgh – Tues 7 Nov