In this next piece as part of our Welcoming participants Your Edinburgh series, Gema has written about something which brightened her days when she first

Welcoming Participant & Blog Contributor, Gema Perez

moved to the city and was still settling in.

We give today a new suggestion for you to share with us: we would like to know about some experience that was important for you when you arrived in Edinburgh, something that helped you to feel better here…

The Spinning Blowfish

When I arrived in Edinburgh last June, my lunch basically consisted on a crappy sandwich sitting on Princes Street Gardens –my opinion about the offer of sandwiches here would need a new entry. There I used to enjoy listening to a band of buskers who played up at The Mound, but until I didn’t see them I didn’t realised how amazing they were.

Because they were funny, they interacted with people, they danced, they made jokes… And they played the most upbeat music you can listen to. So I started to be a regular to their performances. Weird as it might seem, I considered them sort of my first friends in Edinburgh, because they were a constant presence during that summer and they always uplifted my spirits. Being totally alone and new in a foreign country, searching for a job and accommodation, that was not a small thing. I felt happier, and this city was even more special thanks to them.

So now that they are back at The Mound, I recommend you to go there and enjoy their boost of energy. If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t done the most of Edinburgh yet!

Spinning Blowfish at the Mound, photo take by Gema Perez


Your Edinburgh – Spinning Blowfish
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