It’s a fact:  the Scottish winter is here! Though it’s not the official start of the season yet (that will happen on December 21st), there are a few things that prove winter is here: the Christmas market is up-and-running, it gets dark early and there’s frost on the pavement.

At The Welcoming we know winter can be hard for many. Between the long nights, cold temperatures and even the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) syndrome, sometimes we  wonder if we will ever see the sun again!

That’s why we’ve put together a special kit designed for people going through their first winters here in Scotland. Our Warmer Winter Kit is a gift to help you be comfortable and cosy at home this winter: it has useful items and information you’ll be able to use to keep warm. What’s even better, it will help you save money too!

All you have to do is request your free kit online. You will then get a text message from us saying when you can pick it up next time you come to The Welcoming!



Many thanks to the Scottish Power Energy People Trust for making this possible

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Baby it’s cold outside
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