In this Your Edinburgh blog, Welcoming participant Noelia is calling on everyone to “Be More Edinburgh!”

Many of us when we arrive in Edinburgh, we have heard about August Edinburgh’s Festival. But when you are here for a while, you will realise that Edinburgh is the “FESTIVAL CITY”. Science festival, Edinburgh Marathon Festival, Hidden Door Festival, Writers Festival, Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, etc.

Today I am going to speak about the last one, Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, this festival started 7th May and will finish 27th May but you still can join some exhibitions.

As a new Edinburgh citizen I tried to join all I can, my desire is to feel like a local, but it always needs some work. So, just I always keep moving. At The Welcoming I saw a poster for Photography lessons and I thought let’s do this. It was a course called “The world through our eyes”. When I started I didn’t know after 8 weeks my work will be in an exhibition! What have I learnt? Of course photography, but moreover it allowed to me to become a more open-minded person, willing to get out of my comfort zone and meet different people. Many thanks to my partners in the lessons, to the wonderful Margaret Drysdale soul of the project and our amazing teacher Alicia Bruce. If you are new in the city I highly recommend you join different activities, look for new passions and if you feel the language barrier you will see…when you are passionate about the activities, English is not a problem. Don’t overthink it and keep moving.

Photo by Noelia Penandes Perez, taken as part of The World Through Our Eyes photography course

Note: The exhibition “The world through our eyes” will remain open until 3rd June in St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 2DZ

Your Edinburgh: Be More Edinburgh
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